Major network study: progression 1 and retrogression 1

The below is a study on the major network.  It consists of one piece moving in fourths, a progression and one piece moving in fifths, a retrogression.  Each “-gression” is repeated three times, inverting chords on each repetition.


There is nothing particularly unique about these major studies… they are merely diatonic chords in ascending and descending fifths.  However, many if not all of the patterns of music such as these are already present in the major scale and thus the major network.  As such, this study could represent a “diatonic harmonic template” insofar as it gives the listener a reference to what movements in fifths (jumps) sound like.  As well, the idea of going one direction and then another and in choosing closed “orbits” within the accidental network will be incorporated in all future studies.